How to Join 


Joining the Thunder Bay Anti-Racism and Inclusion Accord is easy, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. One of the main features of the Accord is the independence it affords Signatories, but we also recognize there is strength in numbers, and it is always our hope that we can work collectively to address systemic racism across Thunder Bay

Working Together for Change 


When the Accord was first signed, there was a collective realization among Coalition partners that systemic racism was present in the community and that the best way to address it was to take a unified approach. The Accord uses an intersectional approach to anti-racism, focusing on reducing anti-Indigenous racism in order to reduce all forms of racism in the City.


How do I know which recommendations to implement? 


Before your organization considered joining the Accord, it’s likely that you already had an idea of what you care about and what matters to you. This is a good place to start from. For example, your organization may be interested in empowering women in our community. If that’s the case, read through the MMIWG Calls for Justice, and find something you feel you could support. Or perhaps you are concerned with the treatment of Elders. If that’s the case, review the TRC Calls for Action and find something that aligns with your thoughts.

Don’t be afraid to interpret the Three Investigations broadly – even if an action is directed at a specific group (e.g. “all governments”), there may still be a role for you to play by focusing on that Call or recommendation. A good example of this is Call for Action #80; this Call for Action asks that the Federal government create a national holiday. To answer that Call, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was created last year. It now falls upon all Canadians to endorse, celebrate, help organize, or participate in that holiday.

For more help on choosing which Calls to implement, keep an eye on the Accord website’s calendar for workshops and training sessions.

Who do I contact to join the Accord?


You can become an Accord Signatory by applying online.

If you have any additional questions before committing to be a signatory to the Accord, please contact Tanis Thompson, Manager of Indigenous Relations at 620-0072,


What are the benefits of joining the Accord?


Champion in our city -Recognized ally in addressing racism against Indigenous and
racialized persons

Accountability – Recognized active contributor in the ongoing process of truth and reconciliation throughout your organization and within the City Of Thunder Bay by developing and maintaining respectful relations with Indigenous governments, organizations and individuals.

Shared vision and support- Address the harm caused by colonial
attitudes and institutions, as well as the injustices identified in the commitments from the Three Investigations using the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), Ontario Human Rights Commission(OHRC) and International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICEAFRD) as our guide.

Successful outcomes - Meet commitments by working collaboratively, sharing resources and best practices with other Accord Signatories.